Handmade Butter Cake made the Old-Fashioned Way

Ah, the butter cake, perhaps you remember as a child your mother or grandmother making the best butter cakes with the finest pure butter available.  It literally melted in your mouth and it could be the traditional yellow cake or mixed with other ingredients such as hazelnuts to give it a truly unique taste.  Unfortunately, over the years, as cheaper ingredients began showing up, such as margarine, many companies began making the butter cake with very litter butter at all, and replaced it with margarine.

The butter cake is supposed to have lots of butter, not margarine and the taste difference between the two is very noticeable.  When you order a butter cake from Bon Ton Pastry and Confectionery, you are getting a cake with old-fashioned ingredients, and that only uses pure butter and no margarine.  The end result is pure perfection and a cake that literally melts in your mouth.  If you have been summoned to make a butter cake and are a bit rusty, call us at Notte’s Bon Ton’s to create the best homemade cake you have ever tasted.

You can say that the butter cake went by the wayside when people began worrying about the fat content, which is when margarine hit the market.  However, pure butter is better for you than margarine and actually the odd ingredients in margarine are very hard for the body to break down and digest.  This is why when you have butter cake like the ones made by Notte’s Bon Ton you can instantly taste the difference.

Butter cakes are one of the easiest cakes to make and were very popular in the 1920’s through the 1950’s because the ingredients were simple and when mixed together and baked made one of the most delicious cakes for any occasion.  Butter cakes have their roots in the English pound cake, but were changed to make them very heavy and some of them are even made to be gooey, which is a marvellous addition.

When you have a special event, why not serve an age-old tradition and allow Notte’s Bon Ton’s to make your next butter cake.  The artisan method of baking their goods will lure you back again and again because nothing beats homemade when you start with the finest ingredients.  Moreover, it is a traditional bakery, the kind you may remember as a child where nothing is mass-produced and corners are not cut, but only the best goes into every product they bake.

Notte’s Bon Ton Bakery can make your butter cake anyway you like, we love a challenge, and aim to please customers simply by making sure each cake, pastry, cheesecake, and all products are produced with the utmost care and perfection.