A Vol-au-vent is a pastry that would take almost anything with it and make it better


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The French Vol-au-vent is a puffed pastry shell that looks like a small pot that has a lid, it is often referred to as a patty shell. Typically, the pastry is filled with a cream cheese along with fish, vegetables, or chicken, or fish. The lid of the Vol-au-vent is then placed on top and can be eaten as an entrance or as an appetizer. At Bon Ton’s we make the regular size, large size, and the cocktail size of the pastry, as well as special orders for different sizes and shapes.

The Vol-au-vent comes from France and traditionally it is used as a single serving puff pastry shell filled with a number of items. Because people love them so much, many bakeshops like Bon Ton’s began making them in larger sizes as well as custom sizes so that they could be served as a meal rather than just an appetizer. The pastry is extremely light, which is why it gets its name Vol-au-vent, meaning “flying in the wind” .Interestingly, the pastry is not sweet in and of itself, because it is meant to compliment what you put inside, therefore, the shell is light in texture and taste so that whatever is placed inside molds well with the taste of the pastry.

Notte’s Bon Ton Bakery opening in the 1920’s and we have always prided ourselves on using the finest ingredients along with using old-fashioned machinery to mix and knead the various baked goods we produce. We believe in following tradition and therefore, we use the recipes from France, Italy and other parts of the world when we make our baked goods. We make a variety of pastries, cakes, cookies, and specialty items such as the Vol-au-vent.

Many bakers in the early days began to use cheaper ingredients and began to mass produce baked goods, leaving consumers missing the days of old when fresh ingredients such as 100 percent butter was used over margarine and fresh milk over powered. Unfortunately, some people grew up eating these less than tasty mass-produced products and they have no clue what “real” pastries are supposed to taste like until they come to Bon Ton’s and the look on their face when they take a bite is sheer delight. Once they have had the best Vol-au-vent and other baked goods, they simply refuse to go elsewhere.

If you have never tried Vol-au-vent, we invite you to stop by Bon Ton’s and try one today, you will be happy you did. Just let us know what you want inside and we will fix it for you to eat in our lunch room, which is open daily. When you have never had baked goods with everything made from scratch, you are in for a rare treat, and we can’t wait to have you as one of our loyal customers.

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