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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Your wedding cake is the quintessential centerpiece of your reception. Why not step away from the ordinary and venture into the world of custom wedding cakes in Vancouver? Continue reading for a few innovative custom wedding cake ideas for your special day.

Pink Champagne

Pink champagne wedding cakes in Vancouver are unique and becoming quite the trend. Since most weddings already have the champagne flowing, pink champagne wedding cakes in Vancouver are the ideal companions. Some of the common toppings for this type of cake are:

•    Pink white chocolate shavings

•    Rum flavored custard

•    Bavarian whipped cream

However, if you are on the adventurous side, you can choose whatever you like and make it your own!

Coconut and Lime

Since you aren’t having your wedding in the tropics, why not bring the tropics to Vancouver with this delicious flavour combination? A creamy rich coconut cake is paired with a tart and tangy lime frosting or filling for a winning combination. This solution is ideal for couples that want a rich and sweet cake without having to choose chocolate.

Red Velvet

With a deep red hue, red velvet cake is the ideal choice to signify romance and love on your wedding day. The flavour isn’t quite vanilla or chocolate but a perfect mixture of deliciousness. When this cake is topped off with smooth and sweet cream cheese frosting, it will make anyone fall in love.

White Chocolate with Raspberry

When you combine the tart fruitiness of raspberry and the sweet richness of white chocolate, you have one of the most eclectic wedding cakes in Vancouver. Whether you choose raspberry cream, raspberry jam, or fresh raspberry filling, this cake is an invigorating alternative to the traditional cake.

Carrot Cake

Take the road less traveled and journey into the world of carrot wedding cakes in Vancouver. It’s dense, soft, extremely moist, and guaranteed to leave your guests talking for ages. Carrot cakes have an amazing consistency because nuts and grated carrots are the main ingredients of the batter. Pair the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and you will see miles of smiles.

It’s your wedding day, and you should make every aspect as memorable as possible, especially the wedding cake. For more innovative or classic wedding cake ideas, contact Notte’s Bon Ton, where we believe custom cakes make special occasions more memorable.

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