The Key Questions Vancouver Couples Must Answer in Achieving Their Ideal Custom Wedding Cakes

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

For generations, the cutting of wedding cakes has become synonymous with a happy couple celebrating their wedding occasion together. That image of the two holding a cake-cutting knife together and then delving into the cake is imprinted on wedding day memories across the country. But for those looking to organize a wedding in the near future, the steps leading up to the purchase custom wedding cakes are important to consider. Within this blog, we’ll review two questions a couple must answer to ensure that ideal cake for their big occasion.

1)      What Size of Cake Is Required?

The traditional wedding cake consists of a multi-tiered cake with lattice icing at the edges of each tier and a model couple on the top. But this classic style isn’t always the ideal choice for every couple. Indeed, some might choose a simpler, smaller cake for their wedding day. Important elements to consider in wedding cake sizing are portability (will the cake need to be transported after the event?) and venue conditions (multi-tiered cakes are not always suited to outdoor events in the summer season, where heat can quickly melt layers).

2)      Who is in Charge of the Design Process?

Many couples choose to work with a local designer of custom wedding cakes when choosing their ideal treat. But some might wish to design the cake themselves and have a specialist make it for them. It’s important to make this decision well in advance of the event to give the bakery selected enough time to prepare the perfect cake.

Custom wedding cakes can truly add a sense of style and prestige to any wedding day occasion. But first, couples must decide on their ideal design. Answering the preceding questions can help ensure a seamless selection process.

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