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The French Napoleon pastry is a special treat that includes several layers of puffs, with filling that alternates through the layers. It is versatile in that it can be enjoyed as a meal or as a dessert. What makes the pastry so delicious is that it is not overly sweet, but has just the right amount of sweetness so that it can be served as a dessert, but not too sweet that it cannot be eaten as a meal. We at Notte’s Bon Ton know Napoleon pastries well; we have been making them for many years and use only the finest ingredients so that when you take one bite, you will know that you have found your new favourite food.

At Notte’s Bon Ton, we make our Napoleon pastries with custard, jam, raspberries, and butter cream for a taste sensation that will make your taste buds wonder why you have never tasted anything like this. We use the finest ingredients using 100 percent pure butter, fresh jams, homemade custard so that you are eating a pastry that is literally being made the way it was many years ago when we first opened our bakeshop in the 1920’s. We do not sacrifice quality in order to save money; we still use the finest and most expensive ingredients because we believe that this is our signature, making freshly baked pastries that you will remember.

When the Napoleon pastry is made with fresh custard and butter cream, the end result is literally a pastry that will melt in your mouth. Using fresh ingredients is the key to Notte’s Bon Ton’s success because we do not cut corners when it comes to making any of our pastries, breads, cakes, or cookies. When you start with the finest ingredients and mix and combine these ingredients the old-fashion way, you naturally get a better product and we believe once you have tasted our pastries, you will be back again and again.

If you have a birthday party coming up and do not want to buy a traditional birthday cake, the Napoleon pastry makes an excellent alternative and surely something the birthday boy or girl will never forget. We have been making pastries in our same old-fashioned artesian bakeshop since the 1920’s, and we believe that the finest ingredients make the best tasting pastries. You will never find artificial ingredients or cheap alternatives; we simply will not cut corners because we want you to remember us as the best.

When it comes to the Napoleon pastries, Notte’s Bon Ton’s is the one bakeshop that makes it in the traditional way, and once you have tasted ours, we think you will agree that you simply cannot find a better pastry anywhere.

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