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If you have never tasted Panettone, you are in for a treat. It is Italian fruit bread, and we at Notte’s Bon Ton make it in the authentic Italian way. The bread originated in Milan, Italy and it is typically a sweet bread that is made for the holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s. We have captured the true Italian way of making this bread, which is no small feat since most bakeshops will not even attempt it because of the work that goes into making it the right way.

The Panettone is typically shaped in the cupola and the process of making it takes several days because the dough has to be cured making it similar to sourdough. Next, is the proofing, which is what takes several days, but it gives the yeast time to produce the fluffy character of the bread. Traditionally, the fruits in the bread include lemon zest, candied oranges, citron, and raisins that are all added dry rather than soaked. There are many variations of the Panettone including the addition of cinnamon, and even icing to make it the perfect holiday treat.

One of the first things you will notice different about our Panettone is that all of the ingredients are fresh and we make the cake in the traditional way of Italy, which means you get the best tasting cake anywhere, in fact, we do not know of any other bakeshop that makes the cake in the traditional fashion. We take our time because this is not bread that needs to be rushed and doing so affects the tastes negatively. Therefore, we use an old-time recipe and stick with the basics to make it one of the finest treats you could ever have for the holiday season.

In Italy, people eat Panettone with butter, mascarpone cheese and served either as breakfast bread or a snack in the afternoons. What’s more, it can be toasted and then served with a sweet wine, and some Italians enjoy dipping the bread in the sweet wine, for a unique taste. At Notte’s Bon Ton, we stick to the original way the Italians made the bread so that if someone from Italy stopped in our bakeshop, they would be proud to be served our Panettone.

While many people have never had the pleasure of trying Panettone, we at Notte’s Bon Ton are one of a handful of bakeshops that actually serve the bread and we don’t know anyone that takes the time to make it in the traditional way. Our customers love it and we also enjoy it ourselves, it makes the holidays complete by having something that is steeped in history and still served the old-fashioned way with the freshest ingredients.

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