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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cakes are one of those confectionery delights that are often associated with celebration.. Donuts may be a fine breakfast substitute or a Sunday morning tradition, but cakes demand a special occasion.

A baby shower is one of the most interesting celebrations because the guest of honor has not yet arrived. Despite this, there are always many guests in attendance and what better way to treat them than with some custom cakes from Vancouver’s Notte’s Bon Ton?

But what makes a baby shower cake special? What gives it its unique appeal? It is all about the baby! One of the most popular designs is the “diaper cake.” Yes, it’s whimsical and perhaps even cute but eating and diapers together? Maybe worth reconsidering!

Instead of blindly going with this tried-and-true diaper theme, why not venture into less charted waters and delve into the insight of your custom cake expert in Vancouver? If you want something unique, your artist would love to explore outside the box, and hey, your baby and guests deserve it!

Try these basic ideas that you can further customize:

•    A present “box” with a bow is always a good starting point; any way you choose to embellish this should work.

•    Are the parents active? How about a stroller cake with chocolate pretzel wheels?

•    Basket-themed cakes are a good foundation because you customize what’s spilling out of the basket.

•    Parents that like to chart out their child’s life progress (usually for the first child) will do well with layer cakes with something age-representative for each layer — birth, infancy, toddler, kindergarten, and high school graduation.

The idea here is simple: take a little extra time to plan the perfect custom baby shower cake in Vancouver with the help of your cake expert at Notte’s Bon Ton. This is what your guests (and you) will be talking about for a long time to come.

To learn more about our custom cakes, Vancouver residents are encouraged to visit the Nottes Bon Ton website at

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