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The fruit cake is a time honoured Christmas tradition that has gotten a bad reputation over the years as something that no one likes. Unfortunately, when these scrumptious cakes were first made many years ago, they were delicious and made with fresh ingredients. Over the years, the fruit cake began being mass-produced with inferior ingredients, which made the result one that was not the traditional fruitcake of old.

Bon Ton Pastry Confectionery has been making baked goods since 1926, but rather than caving in and using inferior ingredients to cut corners, the bakery continued making fruit cake the way it was meant to be made.  Using only the freshest and finest ingredients makes the fruitcake one of the best you have ever tasted.  If you do not like fruit cake, challenge yourself today to taste the Bon Ton’s fruitcakes and you may just change your mind about this misunderstood baked good.

This Christmas, why not surprise everyone that will be gathering at your home with one of Bon Ton’s fruit cakes, they will soon be wondering why they never liked fruitcakes with just one bite!  Of course, should they ask your recipe, you would tell where you bought the fruitcake from, right?

Fruitcakes are part of the Christmas season, but many people have no idea why fruit cake is everywhere at Christmas time.  You may be surprised to learn that fruitcakes were referenced by ancient Romans, which included their own recipe, obviously, very different from the modern fruit cake.  The British in the 1400’s took the fruitcake to the next level when they began using dried fruits from the Mediterranean, which began the tradition of the dried fruits that are added to the cake.

A humorous historical note on the fruit cake is that in the 18th century they were completely outlawed in the continental European area because they were so rich that they were considered a “sin”.  The fruitcake soon made its way to North America where it began a popular Christmas tradition that was very well received when the ingredients used were wholesome.

Today, you can find fruit cake during the holidays at grocery stores, drugstores, and even convenient stores, but these are all with a lot of processed ingredients making what once was a delicious treat at Christmas to one that no one wants any longer.

When you taste the Notte’s Bon Ton Pastry fruit cake, you will understand why their way of adding the finest ingredients brings back a time-honoured tradition that many have never experienced.  This Christmas, make sure you have your fruitcake handmade from Bon Ton’s, so that you and your loved ones can taste the real tradition of this famous cake this holiday season.

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