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Are you looking for homemade French pastries? At Notte’s Bon Ton Pastry we use only the finest ingredients and still bake the traditional artesian way without the use of cheap ingredients. We use real butter as a way of ensuring you get the best tasting pastries that simply melt in your mouth. Most baked goods today are baked using cheaper ingredients such as margarine, preservatives, and imitation flavoring, all of which makes the outcome of the goods taste less than perfect.

Often, people stop in at Notte’s Bon Ton Pastry and order one of our 22 French pastries and are stunned with how great they taste because they may have never had traditional baked goods, as they did in the early days of baking. Over the years while many bakeries decided to bake their goods using cheaper ingredients to save costs, Nott’s Bon Ton continued to make its goods with no preservatives and using only the finest ingredients. In the early days of bakeshops, using natural ingredients was the norm, today, however, most bakeshops use a lot of cheaper ingredients and yet charge the same price or more than we do for our products.

When it comes to making French pastries, there is only one way to make them and that is the old-fashioned way of making them with ingredients that are wholesome because the outcome is so tasty that people literally come from all over in order to take home only the best. We began in 1926 with one thing in mind, offering the finest pastries, baked goods, and cakes. We began using quality ingredients in the early days and today we are one of the few bakeries that continue to make our goods in the same fashion as we did in 1926.

We handmade our French pastries in the 1920’s and today, we continue to offer you a preservative-free, melt-in-your-mouth pastry that many have come to appreciate. Others come to us that have never tasted such wonderful baked goods, let alone French pastries that are actually make in a traditional artesian bakeshop like Notte’s Bon Ton. In fact, we do not use anything artificial in our bakeshop, everything we use is fresh and whole, which makes the outcome of the baked goods absolute perfection.

When you want the best French pastries, you must try Notte’s Bon Ton, we have a large selection of 22 different pastries to choose from and we guarantee that once our pastries have melted in your mouth, no other bakeshop will do. When you want preservative-free baked goods using 100 percent butter, you can be sure that we will not let you down and will continue making our goods in the same fashion we did in the early days, fresh, pure, and delicious.

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