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The French Croissant was a favourite in the early days of our bakeshop, Notte’s Bon Ton, and it still is today for one reason, we still make them using only the finest ingredients. It is bread that is topped with buttery to make it flaky, which is used to eat alone or can be stuffed to use as a sandwich. The Croissant originally was made using 100 percent butter, but over the years, many bakeshops turned to using a cheaper alternative, which is margarine, which of course, turned the once popular bread into something that many no longer liked.

However, we at Notte’s Bon Ton bakeshop still make our Croissant using only 100 percent butter, so that they taste like the French meant for them to taste when they created them in the 19th century. Moreover, we use only the freshest ingredients along with making them the old-fashioned way so that in the end, you have the best-tasting roll that literally will begin to melt in your mouth before you begin to chew it.

We make small and large sized Croissants and we also have the stuffed Croissant, which is something you must try to believe how great they taste. You can make a lunch out of the stuffed options and have your choice of what you want inside. All of the ingredients we use in our bakeshop and our lunchroom, so that when you stop by, you know you are getting tasty treats homemade that mass-produced pastries simply cannot hold a candle to. The Croissant is one of our customer’s favourites because of its versatility. It can be served with sweet toppings or can be used as a sandwich, making it something that we serve from the time we open until the time we close.

One of the aspects to the Croissant is making sure that not only are the ingredients fresh, but also that they are properly stored once they have been made, because just leaving them out in the open will surely dry them out so that they do not taste as well. At Notte’s Bon Ton, we take great pride in how we handle all of our baked goods after we have finished making them so that when you are served your pastry, it is the freshest you have ever tasted.

The Croissant has been around for hundreds of years and in the early days when Notte’s Bon Ton opened in the 1920’s everyone made them virtually the same. However, times have changed and today, companies mass produce them and the taste is not the best, nothing compares to making them the old-fashioned way like we do. When you want the best pastries in town, head over to Notte’s Bon Ton and you will soon taste why our bakeshop is so popular.

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