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Ah, the Fondant cake, it has been with us for so long, and can be used to make beautiful cakes when it is in the hands of artists. The fondant is basically made of water, sugar, and glucose and as a slick appearance that you normally find on wedding cakes or some other occasion. The true test of making a lovely Fondant cake is the mixing of the fondant, because if it is not mixed correctly, it will not look distinctive when it is finished. At Notte’s Bon Ton’s, we have our recipe down for fondant and when you order a wedding cake, an almond sponge cake that is covered in fondant and flowers, you are sure to have a cake that makes an impression that is sure to last.

One of the problems that many bakers have is working with the fondant because if it is not mixed correctly, it simply does not have that “slick” look that it is supposed to have. What’s more, Fondant cake when completely should look so smooth and silky that you feel you could just jump right into it. Of course, to create such a look, you must have the skill that our pastry chefs at Bon Ton’s have, they are true artists and know how to use it to create the perfect looking cake that you can be proud of regardless of the size. Of course, because the cake is so incredibly smooth looking, no one wants to be the first to cut it, after all, it looks like something out a magazine that is supposed to be prized for its beauty rather than actually eaten.

The texture of the fondant when mixed correctly is elegant, smooth, which is why you find many wedding Fondant cake because it makes the wedding stand out as something even more special than just any icing could ever get the cake. Icing cannot compare to fondant because when used correctly, it is almost a shame to cut into the cake that is covered in fondant because it looks so incredibly smooth, just like silk. Moreover, fondant can be shaped so that an artist can let his or her imagination run wild and create masterpieces, which is exactly what we do at Notte’s Bon Ton.

The best way to enjoy Fondant cake, is to make sure you take plenty of photos of the cake before you cut it, because a picture is truly worth a thousand words and once you begin eating on of Bon Ton’s cakes your taste buds will be mesmerized with the taste infusion, you might quickly forget just how beautiful the cake was before you cut into it, so make sure to get plenty of photos.

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