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Notte’s Bon Ton Signature Diplomat Cake – One of the Most Popular Cakes

Every well-known bakery has its signature cake that people remember them by and Notte’s Bon Ton Pastry and Confectionery is no exception. Our signature cake is a diplomat cake that is very popular in the Vancouver area and beyond as people come from all over to pick up one or two of these mouth-watering cakes. We are so good that it is one of our most demanded cakes that are baked on a regular basis.

Notte’s Bon Ton cannot reveal the ingredients used, after all, the diplomat cake is a signature tradition, which means the artisan pastry chefs are not going to give away their secret recipe, but once you try it, you will be back for more! The perfection of the ingredients used, which are only the finest for all of Notte’s Bon Ton bakery creations is what makes the diplomat cake such a treat to eat. The ingredients mesh together and then literally melt in your mouth, it is not too sweet or rich, but has just the right amounts to make it absolutely mouth-watering.
You may have heard of other bakeries making the diplomat cake, but you have never had it like we make it because we have made it into a blend of ingredients that you must try to believe. Notte’s Bon Ton began back in 1926 and quickly made a name for ourselves as we used only the best ingredients in everything we baked.

We are a traditional artisan bakeshop, which means we make everything by hand, including the diplomat cake, wedding cakes, sculpted creations, and cakes for any occasion imaginable. Those that make the creations are not just “bakers” rather they are pastry chefs, and they have dedicated themselves to baking in the traditional methods, which uses the best ingredients.

Today, besides offering our famous diplomat cake, we also have a lunchroom where you will find tealeaf readings as well as Tarot card readings, if you care to stay for a bit. One of the many ways that sets Bon Ton’s Bakery apart from the crowd is our ability to still make “homemade” after all these years. While many bakeries have begun using artificial ingredients, Notte’s Bon Ton has stuck to the basics of good quality ingredients in order to create the best cakes, pastries, deserts, and yeast products.

If you have yet to try the famous diplomat cake from Notte’s Bon Ton, you must try a slice or two, you will know you are eating a high-quality cake that is made the same way it was many years ago in Vancouver.