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Have you had store-bought Danish pastries lately? If so, you may wonder why they taste so sweet and artificial, but the reason is simple, the ingredients that go into making the pastries have a huge impact on how they taste. At Notte’s BonTon, we are an old-fashioned artesian bakeshop that only makes our pastries that way we did in the early days of the 1920’s. We use no preservatives and only the freshest ingredients, so that when you taste our Danish pastries, you are tasting perfection because it is the ingredients we use that make the final product taste so good.

We offer several varieties of the Danish pastries including the bear claw, which is sweet and perfect with a cup of fresh coffee in the morning. Treat your office and buy a box of the claws to take to work, but be careful, your office staff may begin to expect this! We also make a scrumptious apple pastry using only freshly ripened apples, not overly sweet, but delicious for breakfast or any time of day. In addition, we make the figure 8, which we promise will soon become one of your favourite Danish pastries. We also make the annis varieties, which is a hit with anyone that loves coffee because they go together so well. Our custard and coffee rings are truly a favourite among pastry lovers everywhere.

One of the aspects to our bakeshop is we do not use artificial anything, which means that when you taste the Danish pastries, you may feel like you are tasting a piece of heaven simply because most bakeshops use so many artificial ingredients that people have literally forgotten how pastries are supposed to taste. The human body was not meant to process preservatives and artificial ingredients, and our pledge to you is that you will never find these cheaper materials being used at Notte’s Bon Ton.

Danish pastries are an absolute favourite with our customers, they always have been and because we offer a wide selection, it makes it hard to decide, which one to try. However, we normally suggest trying one of each, so make sure you order a more than one to go, that way you can try the various varieties and decide, which one you like best, but if you are like most people you will love them all because each one offers it unique flavors that blend together to create the ultimate experience for your taste buds.

When it comes to Danish pastries, do not except artificial and cheap ingredients, come to Notte’s Bon Ton and let us show you how our old-fashioned artesian bakeshop makes the pastries the way they were supposed to be made, using the finest ingredients, to product the finest products.

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