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Cookies for Vancouver Residents

Originally called “little cakes”, stemming from the Dutch word keokje that cookie comes from, these tiny pastries were created completely by accident – when using a small amount of cake batter to test the temperature of their ovens before they baked their cakes, bakers stumbled upon the delicious nature of these snack-sized pastries.

Cookies come in all kinds of sizes, making them perfect for both a tasty, sweet snack or nice dessert to top off your meal. Additionally, they can be prepared in numerous ways – dropped, pressed, molded and rolled, with many kinds of dominant ingredients such as nuts, fruits or chocolates.

Whether you want a bite-sized fruit cookie or chocolate-based cookie more suited for a dessert, our bakers can create unique, hand-made pastries that accommodate your needs. With a focus on customer service and the ability to create many different kinds of designs, our cookies will give you an experience that is miles ahead of the store-bought alternatives.

At Notte’s Bon Ton Pastry and Confectionery, our passion and enthusiasm for the field of baking comes alive in our pastries – if you appreciate fine artisan baking and are looking for delicious, custom cookies, we’re positive that you’ll love the great vibes and high-quality products that we can provide you with. For more information, explore our website further or give us a call at 604 681 3058.

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