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Do you have an upcoming Christmas party and were asked to bring the Christmas cake?  Perhaps you panicked because you are not sure how to make one or afraid it won’t be perfect for the occasion.  The Bon Ton Pastry and Confectionery has been specially making Christmas cakes for years and do so with the finest ingredients.  Moreover, cakes and all the products are baked the same way they have since 1926 when the bakery was first opened.

The Christmas cake comes in many different styles, sizes, and creations that you want to not just look great, but also taste good.  Have you ever been to a Christmas party or dinner and found the cake was beautiful, but when it came time to eat it the frosting was nothing but heavy sugar and the cake itself was dry?  This is a good sign of poorly used ingredients in the cake itself.  After all, you are not just buying a Christmas cake to look pretty; you want it to taste great once you decide to cut into it and serve it.

When you have your Christmas cake made by Notte’s Bon Ton Pastry, you know you are getting a traditional cake that is baked using only the best ingredients.  If you are in charge of the cake this Christmas, you want one that is beautifully created and tastes great, which is what the folks at Bon Ton’s offers you.

What’s more, Bon Ton’s is an artisan bakery and not only uses the finest ingredients in their Christmas cake options, but they are artists when it comes to creating a cake you will be proud to show.  Many families save the Christmas cake until the end of season, therefore, it is saving the best for last, and when you buy a Bon Ton’s cake, you truly are serving the best.

Nothing compares to homemade baking and fresh ingredients that used to be the standard before cheaper methods were invented that made it possible to mass produce cakes.  Just go to your local grocery store’s bakery department and you will see several Christmas cake options, but read the ingredients of what is in the cake itself and the icing; you will be surprised to see the many artificial ingredients used, which of course takes away from that homemade taste.

When you want the best Christmas cake this holiday season for your family or another event, make sure you check out Bon Ton’s because they still use the old-fashioned ingredients and methods of baking and decorating cakes that will make you truly proud when people see the cake you are serving.

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