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Chocolates for Vancouver Residents

Although chocolate’s history began in Mesoamerica, its popularity surged when it arrived in Europe in the sixteenth century. With the addition of sugar, it spread throughout the ruling classes and made its way down to the common people. Today, chocolate is everywhere, with various brands and types to choose from. But what separates the quality chocolates from the substandard?

Just like a good bottle of wine, good chocolate comes from the hands of a master that understands how to use the finest cacao beans to achieve the perfect combination of flavors. All of our chocolate products follow the artisan tradition, with each product hand-made by experts who understand the intricacies of the craft.

The best chocolates don’t rely on numerous additional ingredients – instead, they let the quality of the chocolate shine alongside sugar, vanilla and other minor additions. Our artisan chocolate makers have an intimate knowledge of chocolate and know how to craft hand-made products with a level of flavor that cannot be achieved in mass-produced products.

Chocolate creations and design is a passion and creative outlet for our artisans, and this passion shines through in both the taste and design of our products. We inject creative flair into our chocolates and create designs that are as unique and eye-catching as they are tasty.

At Notte’s Bon Ton, our team is passionate about chocolate and strives to create products that offer some of the most flavorful experiences in the Vancouver area. If you appreciate the artisan tradition or are simply looking for chocolate that stands above the rest, our selection won’t disappoint. To find out more about our custom chocolates, explore our website further or give us a call at 604 681 3058.

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