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If you have never tried Brioche bread, you are in for a treat because we at Notte’s Bon Ton use 100 percent butter and fresh eggs to create this rich, tender, and flaky bread. Interestingly, the first Brioche bread was first recorded in 1404 and possibly had its roots in Roman tradition, but the French are the ones that perfected the bread by adding addition eggs, milk, butter, and sometimes sugar. In France, it is eaten as a snack or for breakfast.

In addition, Brioche bread is made plain, with fruit and as Notte’s Bon Ton; we have our specialty special order Brioche breads. It is very popular bread that we have been making in the same traditional way that the French did way back, we use the same types of ingredients and make sure they are fresh so you are in fact getting homemade bread, which of course, will be like nothing you have ever tasted. It has a very rich taste due to the added eggs and butter, but also has a flaky crust so that the flavors together are absolute perfection whether it is eaten plain or has fruit added to it.

One of the interesting facts about Brioche bread is that because it is so flaky, that many people mistake it as a pastry, when in fact, it is bread. It can be custom made by us at Notte’s Bon Ton to make it a sweeter so that it is more like a breakfast food or made a bit less sweet so that it can be actually eaten as bread. It is truly versatile, which is what makes it so special, and what makes it even better is knowing that only the freshest and finest ingredients are used to make our version of the Brioche bread.

We have been making this bread since our early days of opening when everything we made was by hand; we used equipment that churned everything perfectly. Unlike many other bakeshops, we still do everything by hand and use old-fashioned methods of mixing and churning because these are the ways that all baked good come out tasting fresh with the ingredients fully mixed and blended just right.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find many pastries and breads that are mass produced, but the problem with this is that cheap ingredients are used, they are made too quickly, and the outcome shows in the lack of taste. At Notte’s Bon Ton, we take our time making the Brioche bread in the traditional way so that when you taste it, you feel like you are eating bread that is homemade, because that is exactly what we make, homemade with the finest ingredients.

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