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Have you ever been to a birthday celebration and the birthday cakes were not very good, but of course, you said it was wonderful. Most people today do not have time to bake homemade cakes like they did back in the 1920’s, so many chains have found a way to use cheap ingredients and mass produce birthday cakes, which always tastes “artificial”.

When you are looking for birthday cakes that will make you proud to serve, look no further than Bon Ton Pastry and Confectionery. We have been in business since 1926 and still make all our baked goods with the finest ingredients and take pride in homemade baked birthday cakes.  When you serve one of our cakes for that special birthday, you will be asked for the recipe more times than you can count. Of course, you can fess up and say it is from Bon Ton’s or you can just say it is an old family secret recipe.

Birthday parties are supposed to be fun and when you have the best birthday cakes, you feel better about the entire get together.  Moreover, many of the cakes and baked products that are mass-produced not only use inferior ingredients, but they are the ones that tend to pack on the pounds much faster than the old-fashioned way of baking.  When you start with fresh, wholesome ingredients, your body can process it better than cheap, artificial ingredients.

Regardless if you are throwing a birthday party for someone that is one-year-old or 100-years-old, when only the best birthday cakes will do, then you definitely want to give Bon Ton’s a call.  Our experienced bakers can create a custom birthday cake for you that not only taste fantastic, but that also looks awesome as well because we are a skilled artesian bakery.

This year when it comes time to buying the birthday cakes for your family or friends, make sure you serve the best, because people remember a great-tasting cake, and sadly, they remember an artificial-tasting cake too, which is what so many of today’s mass-produced birthday cakes taste like.  When only the best will do, you need a cake that will be remembered by all, which is why Bon Ton’s has been making birthday cakes and other baked goods the same way we did when we began baking for people back in 1926.

Everyone has a birthday, and when it comes time to get the birthday cakes this year; you can trust us to make it to your exact specifications using the time-honoured tradition of making the cake with the best ingredients because we know that the outcome means a cake that everyone will remember!

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